Zeke Unit

Experimental Battlebot Zeke is a Vinci unit. Originally designed by Distruzio, this quirky robot has many talents for any budding commander to use on the battlefront as well as accompanying his creator throughout the campaign.

Zeke will be deployed alongside Distruzio whenever he is summoned but he can be deployed as a prototype in skirmish.

He often enlightens the battlefield by bowing and waving, a sign that not all heroes are serious.

Modes Edit

  • Zeke in Battle Form
  • Zeke in Recon Form
  • Zeke in Siege Form

Zeke can approach the battlefield in three different forms, each with a purpose in combat.

Recon Edit

Zeke takes to the air with a helipack. His speed increases greatly and his sight radius does too. Note that he is helpless in the air so be sure that the air is safe for Zeke to get across. It is often common practice to get Zeke to places where he is needed.

Battle Edit

Zeke takes the fight to the ground with his trusty wrench. He does a good job against small forces but he will get into serious trouble when dealing with larger forces so he would definitely appreciate some backup whenever needed.

Siege Edit

Zeke armors up and utilises a mighty buzz saw to cut down bricks and mortar of any structures he finds. His speed is the slowest during this mode but he can soak up a lot of damage in the meantime.

Trivia Edit

  • Hacking into the game files reveals that Zeke is built around the brain of the Great Inventor. [1]
  • You can make Zeke in the prototype factory while playing as Vinci.

[1] "Zeke is a clockwork body created by Distruzio to preserve the brain of the Great Inventor."