Xil, the Sun God, is a Cuotl hero, worshipped by the Cuotl people for its impressive solar wrath. Xil enhances Sun Jaguar, Sun Idol, and Sun Cannon units, and reduces the cooldown period of the Cuotl National Power, Star Bolt.

In comparison to Czin and his hit-and-run tactics, Xil is the Cuotl's pusher. His abilities support this role by covering his huge infantry-crushing Sun Idols and Sun Cannons with his own sunbeams, a blinding protection aura, and mirror images of himself, which draw the attention from the more expensive units.


Power Effect Energy cost Time before re-use
Blinding Armor Targeted friendly units gain strong defenses and glow more brightly until they blind the enemy.
Mirror Image Creates several weaker duplicates of Xil.
Burning Beams Creates light rays from the sky that burn any enemy they touch.
Sun Blast Enhances Xil’s normal attack to devastating levels.