Overview Edit

Venucci is the City on the northwest of the Vinci lands, and is rival to Miana which is on the Southeast of the Vinci lands (which they destroyed but later rebuilt).

During the Vinci campaign, it has already made deals with two other factions (only to be defeated by Giacomo and the army of Miana).

Venuccis technology also rivaled Miana, until they built the Doges Hammer which the Doge Allesadri used to destroy Miana after having their own city conquered by Giacomo.

Venucci Military Edit

Their soldiers seem to have more equipment than Mianan soldiers, and even have a gas mask, all soldiers wear these, but this does not make them immune to poison gas.

But like Miana, they have different types of their own soldiers:

Venucci Conscripts Edit

The weakest rank of the army of vennuci, unable to stand up to any other weak unit. They are only seen in the beginning of the Vinci campaign and later replaced by stronger soldiers.

They are also the only unit that still appears in the tough difficulty, however their numbers increase.

Venucci guards Edit

The second rank of Venucci's soldiers. Like their name says, they defend the city of vennuci. In the tough difficulty of the campaign, they are replaced by elite guards

Doge guards Edit

The strongest of the Vennuci ranks (only beaten by their elite counterparts). They only appear at the end of the Alin campaign.

Doge's Elite Guards Edit

Like their name says, they are the elite soldiers of Vennuci.

They are the only soldiers of Venucci to be available in skirmish matches.