The Steam Fortress is a military building of the Vinci. It is the main means of producing siege units and other heavy late-game units.

Gameplay Edit

Expensive to construct, Steam Fortress are tough and deadly. The shooters make use of portable rocket launchers that can kill most units with ease, including heroes.

Once built, Steam Fortresses have nation push, allowing you to gain more ground while holding it down firmly. It is best to have other nearby defenses too.

Unit Description Cost Requires
Steam Cannon A powerful Siege Unit N/A
Juggernaut A large Vinci steam powered Tank. Great City
Land Leviathan The penultimate attack platform. Great City

Strategy Edit

Keep your solo heroes away from Steam Fortresses. One on One, a fully repaired fortress wil always prevail! A large force, especially siege units will work well against these fortresses

If your fortresses are getting assaulted, its best to have some ground units protecting it in case of a furious attack..