Shok, Goddess of Storm, is the Cuotl's flying hero. She is able to manipulate the weather and to electrocute her enemies. Much like Czin, Shok has a set of stunning and lockdown abilities, preventing the opponent from using their own abilities or to move on the battlefield, making them vulnerable for your attacks. Combined with Shok's high mobility, she is a more-than-formidable skirmisher.

"Though the Cuotl people worship Shok as a merciful source of rain and guardian of crops, her storm powers bring only destruction. Shok boosts building shields and increases the speed of flying units."


Power Effect Energy cost Time before re-use
Thunder Clap Stuns ground units, and removes spell effects/augmentations.
Lightning Blast Creates a damaging electrical attack.
Hurricane Covers the entire map, damaging and paralyzing enemy air units.
Lightning Jump Teleports Shok and a select number of troops anywhere on the map. Also stuns transported units, including Shok.