Scout Flyer

Scout Flyers are the Vinci's airborne scout unit. Although one is available at the start of any Skirmish map, they can be additionally bought at a Aerodome.

About Edit

Unarmed but posing as a small and fast unit; Scout Flyers traverse the terrain for new possible lands for their owners' to expand on. Send one, on Auto-Explore, to have it unveil the world beyond your borders.

They do not have weapons on their own but their upgrades allow them to deploy nasty drone weapon platforms to take enemies by surprise.

Tactics Edit

Not much is available to use Scout Flyers rather than having them explore the map. However their upgrades should allow them to be of help in times of desperate need.

Abilities & Upgrades Edit

Gun Drone - The scout flyer deploys a fire-and-forget gun drone that slowly descends on the battlefield; shooting at ground forces. (Available after the Improved Scout Flyer is researched)

Anti-Air Mine Drone - Deploy a nasty surprise for flyers whom come chasing after it. They slowly descend to the ground however and explode. (Available after the Super Scout Flyer is researched)

Bomb Drone - Release an explosive treat for enemy buildings. It can be shot down mid air, like the other drones, but the explosion is nice once it makes contact. (Available after the Ultra Scout Flyer is researched)

Upgrades Edit

  • Improved Scout Flyer - Available at start
    • Super Scout Flyer - Available after a Large City is founded
      • Ultra Scout Flyer - Available after a Great City is founded