Sawu, leader of the dark Alin

Sawu is a powerful Alin genie who falls under the corruption of a Cuotl artifact. As lord of the Dark Alin, Sawu attempts to control the entire Kalahese desert. He is the primary antagonist to Giacomo during the Alin portion of the campaign.


Once, Sawu was a revered desert mystic, regarded with respect and awe by the people of the Alin kingdom. About a millenium before he faces Giacomo, Sawu encountered an alien artifact (of Cuotl origin) and tried to study it. Unfortunately, its mysterious malign power proved too volatile for Sawu to control, and he became a slave to the corruptive magical force known as dark glass.

When a large force of free Alin led by Giacomo and Arri invade Sawu's stronghold of Mezekesh and destroy the arcane artifact binding his will, the genie is freed of the corruption that plagued him for centuries. As a result, he is willing to aid Giacomo first in the final battle against the Doge of Venucci and then throughout the Lord of Miana's campaign to topple the Cuotl false gods in the Kumee Jungle.


  • Glass Shards
  • Glass Prison
  • Summon Marids
  • Summon Giant Spider ('Summon Glass Dragon' in the campaign)