Sand Spire

An Alin Sand Spire

The Sand Spire is an Alin research and ground defense building. It's researches mainly involve Sand Circle units as well as mines.

Ground DefenseEdit

The Sand Spire can only attack ground units, but is somewhat powerful. The attack is a large sand bolt attack that temporarily knocks down small enemies in a small radius, stunning them as well.

Sand ResearchEdit

The Sand Spire has many researches, listed below.

Research Effect
Earth Guide +5% speed and LoS (Line-of-Sight)
Lush Circle of Sand Circles of Sand act as supply sources
Glass Bolts Replaces Desert Walker's Swordsman tactic with Glass Bolt
One with Sand Allows Desert Walkers to become invisible while stationary by using the One with Sand tactic
Stone Bite

Sand Circle units gain +20% melee attack, +20% trample, and +15%

ranged attack

Tough as Stone Sand Circle units gain +10% health and +5% speed
Mystic Mines

All Alin non-combat units gain +5% health, and mines increase in health,

output, and attack strength

Shifting Sands -5% unit cost