The Reactor District is the Cuotl 's equvialent of the Merchant District for the Alin and Vinci. Unlike Merchant Districts, Reactor Districts generate Energy instead of Wealth and as such the Cuotl doesn't have Caravans.

What is noteable however is that while not having Caravans, capturing neutral sites still help Energy gathering. For each non-city site under the Cuotl's control, each Reactor District on the map generate +1 Energy. This can really add up when you take over Operation Mining Operations, Condoterri Camps and other sites. As said before, Cuotl doesn't have Caravans, so that means they can't capture neutral sites for free, unless they take over by force. Cuotl CAN, however, use an ability called Subjugation, which uses timonium. Since it is easier to get timonium than wealth, subjugation uses more timonium. When activated, the site used on instantly turns under the Cuotl player's control. One good thing aboout energy is that energy costs NEVER ramp up. If you upgrade a mine into an improved energy mine, the miners there collect energy as well as timonium.