A view of Pulitore from the game.

Pulitore is a Vinci soldier and alchemist, commanding a group of men. He makes use of chemical warfare to eliminate his enemies.

Pulitore was a former soldier amongst the Doge's Elite but the treacherous industrial pollution has made him contract a terrible case of ashtma, which has caused damage to his breathing. He relies on an artifical lung and breathing appartus to survive.

He fled with several soldiers in tow, hoping to escape the conditions poisoning the citizens of Venucci.


Commission pulitore by daedradagon-d5cz60m

An artist's drawing of Pulitore.

Once fighting for the Doge of Venucci, he eventually deserted in the arid Kalahese Desert with his men. There, they found a great oasis, which allowed them to survive the inhospitable climate and the Dark Alin attacks. Giacomo meets him there during the Alin campaign. Pulitore and his men then join the forces of Miana under Giacomo.


Pulitore is the chief of a group of Vinci soldiers. He deserted with three to four squads of the Doge's elite troops.