Pirata Flyer

The Pirata Flyer is an airborne unit for the Vinci. It fills the important role of controlling the skies for the Vinci, available to be researched at the Aerodome.

About Edit

Lightly armored, but well armed, Pirata Flyers serve as the backbone of Pirata's air fleet, which played a crucial role in Miana's cause to liberate the whole nation from Venucci's grip.

Armed with a dual machine gun turret, Pirata Flyers are notably dangerous against enemy air but can provide decent air support for ground units. They also work ideally for escorting Cargo Dirigibles and Air Destroyers on their missions.

Tactics Edit

Pirata Flyers work wonders as raiders, heckling enemy structures and luring the enemy towards your ground forces or clearing passage for unarmed or weaker air units to get across.

Take heed of their armor though as enemy air to air fighters would be the least likely you want to see when your Pirata Flyers suddenly explode.

Counter Tactics Edit

Any good air-to-air fighter is ideal in shooting down flyers, even ground units with good AA will ensure their destruction. Make sure they don't get to your vulnerable air units whom don't have much defense against them.

Upgrades Edit

Pirata Flyers can be upgraded twice.

  • Improved Pirata Flyer - Available after gaining a Major City
    • Super Pirata Flyer - Available aftering gaining a Great City.
Gun Flyer - Taking this prototype adds a 15% boost to all flyers' air attack as well as a 10% boost to their speed.