The Pirata are a confederation of Vinci raiders and mercenaries based at the Pirata Aerodrome.

Pirata Aerodrome

Pirata Aerodrome, citadel of the Pirata

They are expert aeronauts, able to construct, pilot, and maintain a wide variety of aircraft. During Giacomo's campaign against the Doge of Venucci and his subsequent expeditions, Lenora rules the Pirata.


Although they make a living by piracy and raiding, the Pirata for the most part hold to a code of honor, preying upon ill-gotten gains, the goods of oppressive Vinci rulers, and those strong enough to fight back. Under Lenora, the Pirata respect human life (more than the Doge, at least) and remain solidly loyal allies to Miana despite Giacomo's sometimes fragile circumstances throughout the war.


(Spoilers follow...)

After the decline of the Condottieri civilization in the Vinci lands, the Pirata emulated their countrymen and quickly adapted the new technologies sweeping the region. While city-states like Miana and Venucci developed ground units, the Pirata took to the skies, creating a wide variety of lighter-than-air, rotary, and turbofan technologies as well as winged vehicles for both economic and military uses.

Under Lenora's leadership, the Pirata are as formidible a force as ever, despite the general turmoil sweeping the Vinci lands. However, once the Doge initiates his war against his rival Miana by the assassination of Petruzzo, its lord, Pirata keenly feels the strain. Playing to the mercenary instinct of the Pirata, the Doge enlists Lenora's aid in removing Cuotl artifacts from the mines in Vernazza where Petruzzo's death takes place. Fearing Lenora will revoke her aid, the Doge proceeds to besiege Pirata Aerodrome, constructing a giant anti-aircraft artillery battery - the "Sky Crusher" - for this purpose.

Betrayed by the Doge, Lenora sends Commander Venza, a veteran pilot, to enlist Mianan assistance. Later escaping the blockade herself, Lenora establishes contact with Giacomo (who appears to forgive her for backing the Doge earlier) and the two combine forces toward the goal of lifting the siege. Once this victory is accomplished, Lenora pledges the full support of Pirata to Miana's cause, a move that proves to be a major thorn in the Doge's side throughout the war.