Miana under attack by the Alin

Miana is an economically prosperous Vinci city-state nestled in the mountains near the eastern border of the Vinci lands. Giacomo assumes leadership after the death of his elder brother Petruzzo at the hands of the Doge of Venucci. Miana is the technological head of all Vinci city states, with Giacomo as their primary inventor and scientists Miana gains technological improvements to their forces before other Vinci states. (e.g. The Pirata and The Venucci do not possess any clockwork forces with the exception of clockwork spiders.)

(Spoilers Follow...)Edit

The Mianans eventually assemble a formidible alliance of Vinci parties disaffected with the Doge's heavy-handed grand strategy. Among these allies are the Pirata under Lenora, various groups of Condottieri, and Distruzio of the Wasteland.

The Doge later levels the city of Miana with a giant cannon sped from Venucci behind Giacomo's siege of the Doge's home city. While it is certain some citizens survived the horrific attack, many more perished. Under Lenora's government after Giacomo's sacrifice in Kahal, a rebuilt New Miana is slated to be the next capital city of the Vinci people.