Lenora is chief of the Pirata during Giacomo of Miana's struggle against the Doge of Venucci. She emerges as a strong ally to Giacomo throughout the Vinci campaign. Although Lenora returns to the Vinci lands during Giacomo's campaign in the Alin desert, she later travels to Mezekesh to help him defeat Sawu the Dark Alin and can subsequently be enlisted as an ally in Giacomo's war against the Cuotl False Gods.


Lenora of Pirata


Confident and somewhat reckless, Lenora embodies the free spirit of the Pirata. She pilots a unique flying machine and can easily navigate Aio's treacherous terrain by air. Lenora is a competant leader, and the Pirata appear to willingly accept her authority, with a few exceptions. During the course of the campaign, especially during the Vinci portion, it is suggested Lenora and Giacomo develop feelings for one another.

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A suggestion of Giacomo and Lenora's feelings.


  • Boosters: The booster skill tree improves Lenora's attack, health and speed for a limited amount of time. It increases each stat by quite a lot, actually. At level 5 it brings her attack from 15 to 19, for example. Her splash attack is also improved with this skill. At low levels, the booster skill doesn't last very long but with each level the duration and affect increase. Since this is the skill Lenora starts with, you're likely to use it at least once. Upgrading it is useful but it's not the most amazing skill she possesses.
  • Piracy: Piracy captures enemy units. It starts as only able to capture small units and gradually proceeds to the ability to capture large units. Lenora's piracy can only affect a certain number of units but it's likely they will die in combat as you use the skill. You can use the skill to capture powerful units and should do so if you'e using Lenora. This is one of her most useful skills. Capture the most powerful unit on the battlefield that you can and use it in your favor.
  • Sky Burst: The sky burst skill deals damage to air units within a radius. The radius increases with each level and deals progressively more damage. The skill practically guarantees air superiorty for a time while Lenora is around if you have upgraded it at all. It starts dealing 150 damage and gradually moves up to 700 damage. Use this on enemy flying heroes or nasty units such as sand dragons.
  • Cluster Bomb: Cluster bomb does just like it claims. It deals a huge amount of damage within a small area (yes, it's sort of small). It is however a very fast-firing special and can knock out a huge chunk of an enemy army if properly targeted. Use this sparingly because of the huge cooldown between shots. Upgrading the skill for an additional 2000 wealth makes the damage a whopping 2000 within a slightly larger area. Upgrading is recommended if you plan to use the skill. The extra damage makes sure that almost anything touched by its blast won't be left standing.