Land Leviathan

The Land Leviathan is the Vinci Master Unit.

A six-legged monstrosity, it clearly shows how far Vinci technology can go to crush its magical, or godly, foes.

Armed with a mighty gun battery, rocket launcher and a pair of drill-ended claws, this machine is more than a match for any determine foe and a city's worst nightmare if not prepared for its vicious assault. For its firepower comes with a great price and that only one model may be built at a Steam Fortress at a time.

Like any other Master Unit, the Land Leviathan appears as a 'Hero', amongst the other summoned heroes on the battlefront, it too comes with an arsenal of useful abilities to aid it in combat.

During combat its damage output is universal; meaning it can dish out as much punishment to any kind of unit, land or air, so don't expect to use any units that its weak against - since it can practically crush any soldier or shoot down any housefly it sees. Unless you have more manpower than its firepower altogether.

Abilties & UpgradesEdit


Burrow: This skill takes the land leviathan to any location on the map within your line of sight. This means that it allow it to reinforce your units from any part of the land. It does take it a little while to get there however so plan ahead.

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Devastator: The leviathan launches a single rocket at an enemy target, causing 1000 DP. This ability is great as it can take out most units with a single shot and its very useful in inflicting some serious damage on enemy heroes, and other units, that feature high hit points, if only to soften them up. Take heed that it takes a minute between shots.

Repair Cycle: When this ability is used, the land leviathan shuts down for 30 seconds. It takes much reduced damage during this period and regenerates hit points. The repair cycle is extremely useful for getting the land leviathan back on its toes after a big battle. Use it carefully, for it takes time to repair and enemies can still reduce its effectiveness, as long as its under fire.


King Leviathan - This upgrades your mechanical monster to an even more powerful version of the already dangerous land leviathan. Be warned though as this doesn't come cheap.