Juggernauts are the ultra-heavy Tank units of the Vinci. Available at a Steam Fortress.

Description Edit

Juggernauts are amongst the strongest regular units. Their high hit points ensure they will be around for a long time unless there's a massive army focusing on them. They deal their full damage against large units, 75% against medium units, and 50% against small units; with a pounding attack.

The 50% penalty against small units isn't so big when considering that their damage rating is already fairly high. Their trample is massive, and it may be quite useful to trample massed infantry with them. Also, they can move and fire while moving, which may become a real annoyance for enemies.

They can attack as well at a long range than they do in melee, and are therefore also suited to besiege a landmark.

Juggernauts feature a weak anti-air attack, which adds yet more versatility to their use.

One of these may be a huge asset if one can get it once their capital first reaches large city status, providing he/she can afford it.

The upgrade to Ultra Juggernaut increases the unit's power by a large amount, especially in the speed and siege attack departments. The increase in speed will make trampling enemy infantry that much more effective.


  • Juggernauts bear great resemblance with:
    • Siege Tank units in the StarCraft series.
    • The Overlord and the Mammoth Tank Mk II in the Command and Conquer Series.