Imperial Musketeers

The imperial musketeer is the basic Vinci infantry unit, created at the barracks.

Description Edit

Loyal, fearless and armed with the newest advancements in Vinci Technology, the Imperial Musketeers are well trained and ready to deploy at your command.

While they're easy to produce, Imperial Musketeers form the very foundations for any Vinci army by pelting their enemies in a shroud of volleyfire; wether it be a tought adversary, countering the Doge Guardsmen or storming a hostile City, they're well suited for any campaign.

Coming in groups of four, Musketeers are trained to use a variety of ability to help turn the battle in your favour but note that while they're well suited in ranged firepower, they do not have the melee capability when engaging foes up close as their protection won't keep them alive for long.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Prestiques Description
Imperial Fusiliers Large City Improved Damage, Health, Speed and Armor
Imperial Grenadiers Great City Improved Damage, Health, Speed and Armor