Glass dragon

A Glass Dragon in flight

Roaming the desert skies, in service of the Alin, comes a beast of legendary origin. The mighty Glass Dragon.

About Edit

This gleeming majesty of all mythical beasts is a prime example of the many creatures that the desert lord of the Alin can raise from the sands at any given moment.

With a tremendous hit point count, attack strength and speed, the Glass Dragon flits across the skies and casts an array of powerful abilties on any unprepared threat to the Alin's prized sands. The dragon mainly attacks by unleashing a powerful energy blast at its foes, from a great distance, wrecking aerial armadas and ground forces alike.

Due to their scarcity, Alin commanders are only allowed to summon one Glass Dragon at their local Circle of Glass, at a hefty price. It does need protection however, as an determined army could swiftly bring one down with ease.

Like all other Master Units, the Glass Dragon appears as a Hero unit, alongside its array of powerful abilities.

Abilities & UpgradesEdit

Abilities Edit

Power Effect
Glass Shock Glass shards burst in a small radius, damaging units.
Healing Slowly heals the glass dragon
Glass Fury High intensity energy blast. Causes massive damage to anything it connects but there is a charge time before it is cast.

Upgrades Edit

Elder Glass Dragon - An expensive investment to turn your Glass Dragon into the Elder Glass Dragon. A majestic creature, out-classing its younger generation. Should have been kept in Alin Myths and tales.

Counter WithEdit

Vinci Large army of clockwork spiders or a Land Leviathan
Alin Large army of heartseekers or another Glass Dragon
Cuotl Large fleet of quetzal flyers or a City of Vengeance