Giacomo Giamba


Giacomo Giamba is the ruler of the Vinci city-state of Miana following the assassination of his elder brother Petruzzo by the Doge of Venucci.

In the single player campaign of Rise of Legends, Giacomo is the primary protagonist, and the player starts each mission with control of his unique walker unit, except for the first campaign mission, where he is riding a horse. His walker is eventually acquired, in the following mission, when its transport convoy was ambushed viciously. In the following campaign segments, Giacomo upgrades and improves his walker and the Clockwork Men that he begins with.


Giacomo is a renowned inventor and technological genius. As such, it was his brother Petruzzo, rather than Giacomo, who was groomed from birth to lead Miana. Despite his brother's beliefs, Petruzzo never interfered with Giacomo's abilties as an inventor throughout his reign.

Throughout the campaign against the Doge, Giacomo expresses doubts as to his competence to lead effectively.

Despite these feelings, Giacomo proves himself to be an able leader, willing to quickly adapt new technologies and methods to his cause.

Giacomo also displays a keen ability to win friends to his cause, earning the allegiance of many powerful foreign leaders, among whom Lenora of Pirata and Arri of the Alin kingdom.

Walker Edit


Giacomo in his walker.

Before freeing his mechnical mount, Giacomo had to make do with a sidearm, and a horse. Then after finally acquiring his walker, Giacomo commands his troops in the front lines; Modified to use a variety of gadgets to help his troops, Giacomo can make the tables turn against the bitter enemy. He attacks with a grenade launcher with an AOE attack.


Power Effect Levels Unlocking requires

First campaign,
Second campaign,
Quick battle,

Augmentation Heals allied units and increases their speed and damage for a short time. 4 Always unlocked
Sonic Blast Creates a destructive sonic wave that stuns all enemies around and knocks infantry down. 4
Demolition Team Summons 3–5 extremely destructive bomb-laden clockwork men. 3
Super Armor Protects all allied units in a chosen area from all incoming damage, spells and statuses 2 1 hero point
Third campaign only Purify Heals allied units and damages enemy units. 4
Mirror Image Creates a weaker copy of Giacomo that can fight and use weaker versions of his powers. 3
Lunar Curse Heavily weakens enemy units' ranged attack. 3
Lunar Glow Weaker version of Star Halo that also lasts a shorter time. 2