Genetal Battaglion is a Hero unit in Rise of Legends. His special role is siege work and his skills in the field are unmatched.


Description Edit

Battaglion is a notable member of the Condorotti, charged with looking after a strategic point for the nation. However he was swiftly abducted and locked up by the Doge of Venucci whose army crushed them like insects. It wasn't until Giacomo, and his Miana soldiers fought back the Doge's garrison and freed him and his men.

For the doge's treachery against his nation, Battaglion would fight alongside Giacomo in the campaign against the Doge.

Gameplay Edit

General Battaglion only appeared during the Campaign but his usefulness would be amongst the greatest assets that the player would dare to unlock.
General Battaglion concept

Battaglion's approach to siege warfare makes him ideal in ridding enemy structures by making use of a powerful siege cannon against them. With a superb damage rate, Battaglion could bring down entire fortresses if left unchecked.

He also has a set of powerful abilities that will aid in battle and that nearby allied siege units will get a 20% bonus to their fighting capabilities, making him an even more formidable opponent.

However, he is not the quickest and he travels slower than most units but once he's in position, players will be rewarded by buildings suddenly dropping.

Abilities Edit