A Fane in flight.

The Fane is a Cuotl infantry production and transport facility. It is the main hub for training footsoldiers for the cause as well as providing mobile transport for friendly units. Every coutl base starts with a Fane as standard.

Fanes are tough, mainly due to their personal shields. Once it falls, Fanes won't take long to destroy. Mid-air they are vulnerable to enemy aircraft.

Units ProducedEdit

Unit Description Cost
Sentinel Loyal human footsolders. Attacks with laser spears,
Sun Jaguar Stone fighting machine; armed with razor claws and a weak ranged attack.
High Priest A sentienel but blessed with power; uses a powerful electric attack on top of a floating platform.
Death Snake Devastating anti-infantry snake. Armed with lasers and a poisonous bite. Has tremendous trample.

Strategy Edit

Fanes are the main means of transporting units across. Once deployed, make use of their production capabilites to create reinforcements. Also take heed of enemy fighters; they will easily destroy an unguarded moving Fane.