There are three unique playable factions in Rise of Legends: the steampunk and industrious Vinci, the magic-using Alin, and the technologically advanced and alien Cuotl.

Other non-playable factions such as Dark Alin are also present and may play important although secondary roles.


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Vinci soldier

The Vinci forces are industrious and science-driven and are comprised primarily of miners, footsoldiers and vehicles such as Scout Helicopters, Steam Cannons, Juggernauts etc, piloted or controlled by humans. However the Vinci also possess mechanical units in the likes of clockwork miners, clockwork men, clockwork spiders, powerful Steam Walkers and prototype experiments such as Zeke, an extremely versatile mech which can switch between forms in order to combat different enemies. The pinnacle of Vinci combat technology is its Master Unit: the Land Leviathan an enormous spider-like mech armed with cannons, missiles and guns alike. Even this can be upgraded to the ultimate Vinci unit, the King Leviathan, an inevitable game-ending unit.

Vinci forces rely on steam power, clockwork, steel, electricity, firearms and other more accessible resources to counter the magical Alin or the alien-like Cuotl. However, if given enough time, Vinci forces develop a huge leap in their technology tree. Jumping from Scout Helicopters to giant Air Destroyers, small Steam Cannons to behemoth Juggernauts, from simple Research labs to giant mining complexes, telescopes which can reveal huge portions of the map, to magic-cancelling Nullifiers which disable all powers on the battlefield. Vinci heroes also receive arguably the most useful of end-game ultimate powers. For example, Giacomo receives Super Armor which grants friendly units invulnerability for up to 2 minutes and the Doge uses Doge's Hammer, which, if a targeted area is stricken, will deal a staggering 2000 damage thus destroying them (heroes and some buildings included).

The Vinci's 3 primary Heroes are: Giacomo, Inventor of Miana, The Doge, Ruler of Venucci and Lenora, Captain of Pirata. Unlike the other 2 races, Vinci heroes are split into roles which are represented by their powers (which need no mana, just cooldown). Giacomo is the the most supportive and defensive hero with abilities such as Augmentation, which heals units and increases their speed and attack to Super Armor which renders allies invulnerable. The Doge is an offensive hero best used to counter low-tiered armies, higher-tiered single units, other heroes and buildings. The Doge does the most damage in the entire game with the Doge's Hammer, which deals 2000 damage over a very large area. Lenora is a DPS (damage-per-second) hero with the ability to take control of enemy units and transform herself to boost her defense, speed and attack for a time. Her ultimate power is Cluster Bomb which, similar to Doge's Hammer, also deals an extremely high amount of damage, albeit in a smaller area.

It is evident that the Vinci forces start off at mediocre power but if allowed time to research upgrades, collect resources, upgrade heroes and build up a decent amount of forces, the Vinci are almost unstoppable in the late to end game.


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Alin soldier

The Alin are desert people who harness the magical forces of: Sand, Fire and Glass. The Alin have split their units and buildings evenly in the 3 catagories. One characteristic particular to the Alin is that units are created at the Sand Circle, Fire Circle, and the Glass Circle, but are upgraded at the Sand Spire, Eternal Flame, and Glass Citadel respectively. The Sand Circle creates mainly ground units, the Fire Circle mainly flying units, and the Glass Circle mainly siege/tank-type units. The Sand Spire can only attack ground units, thus countering the Sand Circle, the Eternal Flame can only attack air units, countering the Fire Circle, but the Glass Citadel can attack both ground and flying, but doesn't counter the Glass Circle. Most units have or are creatures living in the Kalahese Desert, such as Salamanders, Sand Dragons and Fire Elementals.


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Cuotl soldier

The Cuotl are tribal humans enslaved by 4 terrible false gods who rule them with an iron fist, and who are armed with intricate and ornate weapons which are alien and super advanced.