Doge of Venucci

Doge Alessadri of Venucci (aka The Doge of Venucci, The Doge, or simply Doge) is the megalomaniac tyrant ruler of the Vinci province of Venucci and the psuedo-antagonist during the Campaign, in the Vinci lands, and in the final mission of the Alin campaign.


It was unknown on how the Doge rose to power but it was told that his revolutionary ideas, such as heavy industry, has risen the people of Venucci into a industrial super-giant, with the Doge at their heed. He also seems very resourceful and would take any form of technology to propel him to his dream goals.

The Doge was first encountered in the first part of the campaign where he searched the mines for a device which was making the miners sick. He didn't leave until he killed Petruzzo, the leader of the Miana house and used the Pirata fleets to make his escape, as well as a strange alien device which he had so greedily used for his own ends.


The Doge is a heartless seeker after power, capable of great acts of violence and genocide. His works are manned by slave labor and an exploited workforce, and dissenters are imprisoned. His personal style is reflected in the character of his forces, which tend to emphasize brute mechanical force over the subtler designs of the Mianans and the Pirata.

Role in Plot Edit

After successfully eliminating Petruzzo from power of the Miana house, the Doge retreated to his territory, letting his lieutenants do the dirty work.

In an attempt to turn the people of Pirata to his cause, he built a massive skybuster fortress that would force them to surrender. That was thwarted thanks to the quick response of Giacomo and his Mianian forces, who successfully captured the fortress before it was completed.

The Doge then personally led the defense of the bridge to Venucci and even resorted to destroying the bridge entirely to prevent Giacomo from progressing forwards but to no avail.

Running out of places to hide, he garrisoned a huge amount of his forces at Venucci, as well as one of his personal superweapons, The Dogehammer. After capturing the dogehammer, and the Captial of Venucci, Giacomo then discovered that the Doge has fled to Miana, destroying the entire city with another Dogehammer, thus had routed them out.

The Doge was never mentioned nor faced until the end of the Alin campaign where he personally faced the young inventor and his forces. However it was that battle that sealed his fate.

Gameplay Edit

The Doge of Venucci is a recruitable hero in Skirmish and Multiplayer maps. He has his own set of abilities and his main weapon is the Cuotl device on his walker.

Hero powersEdit

Power Effect
Toxic Cloud The Doge unleashes a toxin cloud on the enemy. Causing and inflicting Poison Damage as long as enemy forces linger in the area. Can be upgraded to deal even more damage.
Pain Ray The doge charges and fires a single laser that causes a lot of damage to a single target. Works well against enemy heroes and master units. Can be upgraded.
Siege Laser The Doge's siege laser hits a target building and deals massive damage. The laser can't be used on infantry but it is very powerful against Cities or Steam Fortresses. Upgradeable.
Doge's Hammer The Doge orders off-map artillery to bombard a target area with a shrapnel shell. The ability can be upgraded, allowing more groups of units to be caught.