Doge Walker

The Doge Walker

Doge Walkers are a unit, unique to the Doge of Venucci. They are a tough walker unit, there to protect his loyal forces with the cruicial armored backup.

Description Edit

Unique in their shape and design, Doge Walkers are hard to come by, unless you research the Doge Walker prototype or have the Glorious Statue built in your nation.

With a powerful ranged attack, they can rip up entire platoons of infantry within minutes and catch enemy siege units unprepared if left unchecked. They are also very tough, meaning dedicated anti-tank weapons must be used to effectively down one especially those found on Steam Factories, or the Air Destroyer in this case.

They have a weak anti-air attack but they do a good job in numbers so be prepared to bring extra flyers in order to handle groups of these.

Trivia Edit

The way they walk, and the shape of their legs, hint resemblence to the AT-ST Walker from the well-known sci-fi series Star Wars.