ICON czin

Czin, God of Death

Czin, God of Death, is the leader of the Cuotl. He is the primary antagonist encountered during the Cuotl portion of the campaign, but he is also a playable hero in skirmishes.

Czin appears to hold the power of gravity itself in the palm of his hand. He uses this power to bring death to his enemies by causing attrition damage to enemy units in the its own territory, further enhancing the attack of Death Snakes and Death Spheres.

This hero focuses on DOT (damage over time) by using venomous attacks as well as on lockdown and crowd control abilities.


Power Effect Energy cost Time before re-use
Plague Does damage over time to target unit and spreads damage to other units that come in contact.
Soul Burn Allows Czin to freeze nearby enemies and feed off their health.
Death Grip Stuns enemies and disables their special abilities.
Death Gate Creates a giant ball of swirling darkness that drags units in and damages them.