Condotierri Soldiers

They're not the sharpest tools but they do work in numbers.

The slowest to adapt to the ever growing technological advances of their peers. The Condottieri still rely on the trusty swords, shields and horses to propel themselves towards their goals.


The Condottieri Soldier is the basic frontline soldier. Armed with a hardy sword and shield, these men can stand up toe to toe with their Alin counterparts.

While they are great in outnumbering their ranged counterparts, the Imperial Musketeers, the natural focus on melee makes them unsuitable when tackling heavily armored units, like the Juggernaut, and are notoriously weaker than their modern counterparts. Even worst so that Pirata Flyers can happily pick them off one by one.

their affordability however, made available at a Condottieri Outpost, means a shrewd commander can make the most of their inpracticality in utterly swarming their helpless foes.