The Clockwork Man is a Vinci automation. It was supposedly one of the great inventions of the Great Inventor until it underwent further changes, and improvements, by Mianian Inventor Giacomo Giamba.

Clockwork men serve as the shock units for the Vinci and are trainable in the Barracks.

Variants Edit

  • Standard Clockwork Man
  • Clockwork Sniper
  • Clockwork Scavenger

The Clockwork Man comes in different flavours. Each variant has their strength and weaknesses.

  • Clockwork Man: The standard clockwork man. It will approach ground units to melee strike in addition to an electric attack, which it will use against structures and bigger units.
    • Can be upgraded. Heavy Clockwork man requires a Large City and the Super Clockwork Man requires at least one Great City.
  • Clockwork Sniper: This prototype serves almost identically like any other clockwork man except it has a Snipe ability, much like Carlini. It also adds a small boost to all Clockwork men.
  • Demo Clockwork Man: These can only be summoned with Giacomo's Demolition Team ability. They attack by getting in close to a target and self-destruct.
    • These work well against structures and heroes. Giacomo's upgrades allow him to summon additional 'men'. Note that they will also self-destruct after a certain time has elapsed.
  • Hybrid Clockwork Man: After getting a close encounter with the Moon God, Giacomo took the liberty of infusing Cuotl tech to both his walker and the Clockwork Men, at his disposal. These are tougher and fire lasers from their arm.
  • Clockwork Scavenger: Not built from a barracks but can be acquired from buying neutral sites. They are weaker, than standard clockwork men, but they're still dangerous in numbers.

Countering Edit

The Clockwork Man relies heavily on melee, which isn't nice when your basic infantry are facing it. The best option is attacking them from the air. Just about any flying unit will do. Or you could send in Clockwork Spiders, High priests and other heavy unit on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Players can use Hybrid Clockwork Man in Quick Battle by typing a cheat.
  • The Clockwork Men, that came with Giacomo during the first mission in the Alin Campaign may have fallen or worn down by the desert sands but in the later missions. More clockwork men have appeared with Giacomo, during the later missions and do not suffer from Desert Rust.
    • This could to do with the adaptions, made by Giacomo, in the same way as his walker.