City of Vengeance
City of Vengeance id
Faction Cuotl
Type siege, transport
Unit tier Master
Nb of levels 2
Nb of powers 3
Produced in sanctuary
Requires great city
Upgrade requires great city
Range all, multiple at once
Terrain reach all

The City of Vengeance is an electrifying monstrosity and a prime example of the domiance of the Cuotl Gods.

A levitating device of alien origin, the City comes with an array of powerful attacks, which it will use against all matters of foes. It can also carry units as well, dropping them off or leaving the foe with a troubling demise.

The City is expensive to build from a Sanctuary but even more so to upgrade it into the powerful version: The Great City of Vengeance.

Like the other Master Units, the City of Vengance appears as a 'Hero' in the Hero Bar and has its own set of abilities to help turn the tide of battle.

Strengths Edit

The City relies on powerful electric attacks to do away its foes. The smaller bolts can blast away groups of infantry and thus is fired in salvos, allowing it to take on multiple groups.

For aerial threats, it makes use of a slower lightning bolt. This takes time to charge, between shots, similar to the attack found on Storm Disks but is more powerful.

To melt away buildings. A intense sun beam is unleashed. This takes longer to charge than the anti-air attack but is more focused on structures. Similar means are found on Sun Cannons and Sun Idols.

The City's transport capability is very useful to carry units across difficult terrain and can be used to drop of some personal protection. Even if the City falls, it can leave whoever it was carrying to carry on.

Weaknesses Edit

The City is extremely versatile but a massive army will make it near-impossible to handle alone. Even opposing Master Units can assassinate one unopposed.

Be wary of fighting an opposing City. Chances are that it could be carrying units and expect it to drop off even a Hero once it falls!


The City of Vengeance has three powers.

Power Description Energy cost Delay in seconds before re-use
Reintegrate The unit ceases attacking in order to heal itself. Much quicker than the Repair Cycle of the Land Leviathan 600
Disrupt The unit fires a laser beam/lightning bolt at a target building, inflicting heavy damage by 'by heating the bricks to melting point'.
Gravity wave The unit releases a powerful ground shaking pulse that stuns enemies caught within the radius.