Concept art of General Carlini

General Carlini is senior military advisor to the Lord of Miana, and under Giacomo's rule commands Mianan forces in the field. While his military career is extensive, Carlini's management of Giacomo's campaign against the Doge of Venucci and the subsequent conflict against Sawu of the Dark Alin are undoubtedly its highlights.


Having served in the Mianan military under Giacomo's father, then Petruzzo, and finally Giacomo himself, Carlini is an experienced veteran commander. He is resolutely loyal to the ruling family and to his city, but also serves as a pragmatic voice in the sometimes fanciful councils held by the Giambas.


(Spoilers follow)

Carlini is known partly for his heroic death at the hands of the Cuotl God of Death, Czin. After Giacomo and his allies maganged to defeat Ix the Moon God, Carlini prevented Czin's attention from falling upon Giacomo, wounded by an interaction with the Artifact. With only his sword, Carlini faced the Death God and was struck down, but Czin did not discover Giacomo, though he was able to carry the Artifact away.

Gameplay Edit

Carlini only exists during the Campaign and acts as a superb sniper for all his allies, race-regardless.

His preferred weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, which he had grown rather excellent with. He has many abilities available to the player.

  • Snipe - Carlini will take a pot shot at the target, dealing 500 base damage to it. Can be upgraded to increase damage and cooldown.
  • Turret - Carlini sets down a temporary emplacement to help with the defense. Will explode if damaged enough or after a set time. Can be upgraded to increase endurance and time.

He also adds a 50% bonus to all imperial musketeers and units.