Arri is a commander in the Alin kingdom, spearheading the fight against Sawu and the Dark Alin. As leader of an elite corps of Dark Glass Hunters, she specializes in fire magic and rides a unique giant scorpion. During her campaign in the Kalahese Desert, Arri accompanies and aids Giacomo, and can be enlisted to continue helping him during his struggle with the Cuotl gods.

Arri, Dark Glass Hunter


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Proud yet mystique, she embodies the spirit of the Alin people. A skilled hunter, swordsman, and magician, she defended her people from the return of the Dark Alin. She knew Giacomo from their childhoods when he ran away to Azar Harif. Giacomo says she would tell him the ancient stories and myths of the Alin people. During the course of the campaign, it is suggested Arri and Giacomo develop feelings for each other.


It is unclear what relation Arri has with the current King of the Alin in Azar Harif. It is likely she is his relative, possibly a daughter. During the young lord of Miana's first sojourn into the lands of the Alin, Arri spent a good deal of time in his company. Although her king seems to accept an eventual defeat in the struggle against the Dark Alin as inevitable, Arri remains hopeful that it can be overcome.

(Spoilers ahead...)

After the defeat of Czin by Giacomo and his death, Arri and Lenora become good friends, with Lenora planning to unite the Vinci under one banner and also rebuilding the devastated Miana. Arri is unfortunately banished from Alin lands by her father, the king who condemned her in helping Giacomo and the Vinci. She now travels the land exploring new and older wanders.

Power Description Mana Cost Delay in seconds before re-use
Fire attack
Arri uses sand as camouflage to reach the target and then inflicts 400 points of damages to her
invoke rukh
Explosion of fire A fire burst that inflicts 100 points of damages added to damages due to fire. Moreover, targets are stunned for a little moment 1000

Moreover, Arri increase the ground attack of every melee units and ground heroes such as Belisari.