Alin City

Promotional artwork depicting an Alin floating city

The Alin are a civilization of magic-users hailing from the Kalahese Desert. In addition to humans, several other types of sentient beings participate in Alin culture, including genies, various spirits, and dragons. The Alin separate their magical arts into three schools: sand, fire, and glass.


The Alin civilization is traditionally centred around the Alin Kingdom and its capital Azar Harif. However, during the zenith of Sawu's power, Mezekesh played an important – if evil – role.

Dark Alin Edit

A large portion of the Alin territories is "infected" with Dark Glass, a powerful magical element, created by Sawu when a mystical object fell from the sky (it was actually a powerful, and destructive, piece of Cuotl technology), that drove him to madness.

In order to attempt to contain the infection, Sawu was imprisoned inside the city of Mezekesh, which was subsequently buried within the sands of the desert. However, the infection still spread, causing intermittent periods of Dark Terror, in which hostile Dark Glass creatures attacked the Alin without mercy.

The Dark Alin under Sawu also have access to the corrupt magic of Dark Glass.

National PowerEdit

The Alin national power is Summon Army, which immediately summons a temporary army to fight for the Alin. The power and size of the army increases with further research along the Evocation track, ranging from a minor battalion to a medium-sized cadre.


Their national power, along with the general cheapness of their units and the ability to build unit-making structures anywhere on the map, even enemy territory (though this doubles the structure's cost), makes the Alin adept at both hit-and-run and number-based tactics, as compared to the Vinci versatility and booming tactics and the Cuotl defensive styles.

The Alin lack late game power compared to the Vinci and the Cuotl but make up for this with their super unit coupled with the ability to spam an almost unlimited amount of units to suppress the firepower thrown at them by other races.


  • Sawu, the Dark Alin
  • Dakhla, the Sand Warden
  • Damanhur, the Desert Flame
  • Arri, Dark Glass hunter (Campaign Only)
  • Andromolek (Campaign Only)
  • Besilari, Queen of The Desert (Campaign Only)
  • Thuran, the Desert Inferno (Campaign and Thuran's Pillars only)