An Air Cruiser in flight - hinted by its glowing weapons.

Air Destroyers are Pirata heavy-assault aircraft whom proudly serve the Vinci in their cause.

Description Edit

Looking almost akin to a world-war II bomber, the Air Destroyer's main role is wrecking any ground foes, and buildings, it can get to.

With a hefty amount of armor, and the weapon systems to back, the Air Destroyer is a mighty flying fortress indeed.

It excels in breaking down entire cities, within minutes of attack, which it does by launching salvos of powerful rockets at its target. The missiles themselves do a good amount of damage to all matters of ground targets, even more so if more than one air destroyer are focusing on the same target.

To help protect it against hostile air, Air Destroyers are fitted with AA defences as standard. On their own, they do feeble damage, even more so in numbers. However, allied aircraft are ideal to provide it with that much needed air protection.

Upgrades & Abilities Edit

Upgrades Edit

Air Cruiser - Upgrades all existing and new Air Destroyers into a more powerful version where their damage is doubled.

Air Destroyer Carrier - A prototype Air Destroyer with troop capacity for 8 units. It also adds a 15% bonus to all Air Destroyers

Barrage Edit

The Air Destroyer launches a volley of missiles at its current target, dealing more damage than usual. The ability lasts for at least 3 salvos before the aircraft resumes to normal munitions.

Tactics Edit

  • Air Destroyers excel well in ground warfare. Use them against hostile structures and units but it is advisable to have them in numbers. A good 3-6 horde of Air Destroyers should be sufficient to raze any enemy structure to the foundations.
  • Watch out for enemy air though. Air Destroyers have the ability to fend on their own but it wont be enough however. Provide Pirata Flyer escorts to ensure their safety, as you move them to their next objective.

Counters Edit

  • Heckled by these Vinci flying monsters? Use your own fighters against them. Pirata Flyers, Sand Dragons or Quetzel Fighters will make one blow up in a moment. Take heed though as your ground forces may not survive an onslaught when fighting them.